Why we are called PG Targeting

Our story started off a bit as an inside joke… So there we were on this political campaign…

Our candidate was the conservative underdog running for the U.S. Senate against an incumbent. We didn’t have much money, and didn’t have a large team, but we did have some new ideas… and boy oh boy did we have some fun with them.

So much fun that we got in the head of our opponent and his team. They kept making stupid mistakes everyday. They hated us for it. As a way to insult us they called us the “Texas Political Guys” because we were all from Texas.

"Texas Political Guys"

We took it as a badge of honor!

On election day, we pulled an incumbent U.S. Senator below 49%, and in the process we grabbed 41% of the vote while being outspent 2:1. They made fun of us for losing, but behind the scenes they were the ones getting laughed at. Our tactics and results impressed political strategists across the U.S.

Using the same tactics we just learned, we went on to join some amazing campaigns, and win some really big races. But we always wanted to recreate the fun we had on that U.S. Senate race, so we made our company.

But what to call it? We knew where to start: “Texas Political Guys” became “The Political Guys” where we focused on Voter Targeting. Since 2018, we simplified it to PG Targeting.